Classes & Workshops

Investing in our city's playwrights means making sure they have the right tools to build better stories for Chicago. Through our classes and workshops, we're helping our writers develop the skills they need to write their plays and sustain their careers. Whether you're new to writing plays or more experienced, you'll find a class or workshop to help you build your career while building new Chicago plays.

Photo by  Chris Palomar  on  Unsplash

Photo by Chris Palomar on Unsplash

Our Write Where You Live classes are for experienced playwrights looking for fresh inspiration and new playwrights looking to jumpstart their process. Each class is centered in a specific Chicago neighborhood and taught by an experienced playwright who lives there. The course is split between two types of classes: Encounters and Workshops.

  • In the Encounter classes, students step out of the classroom to learn more about the people, businesses, and cultural institutions that make the neighborhood a unique place to live.
  • Each encounter inspires a writing assignment.In the Workshop classes, students share their writing and receive feedback from their peers and the teacher.

Have an idea for a class or workshop that we should offer? Contact us and let us know!