Step Up is building better stories for Chicago. We do this by investing in Chicago playwrights - both new and established - as they tell stories that inspire empathy, action, and hope among our neighbors.


Inclusion & Accessibility

Inclusion and accessibility are important values for Step Up Chicago Playwrights; in fact, they are central to our mission. We want to make our Chicago theater community more inclusive of and accessible to all Chicagoans. To that end, we will adopt the following practices:

  • Our team will be reflective of Chicago’s full diversity. Whether it’s hiring additional staff, seeking out new directors for our board, reaching out to donors, or asking new people to join our advisory board, our priority will be to surround ourselves with a team that truly reflects all of Chicago.
  • Our mission is to serve all of Chicago’s neighborhoods, not just some. In selecting neighborhoods to partner with, we will make sure that our selections showcase the full diversity of those who make up Chicago.
  • We will reflect the diversity within neighborhoods, as well. Even within neighborhoods, there is a diversity of experiences. We will make sure that our commissioned play and the playwrights selected for the Chi-Wrights workshop reflect that.
  • Diverse artists are the key to making plays that look and sound like Chicago. We will regularly assess our application, selection, and casting practices to make sure that they are accessible and inclusive.
  • Our work will be accessible to all Chicagoans. The work we do is primarily by Chicago, for Chicago. We will work to ensure all of our events and plays are accessible, regardless of disability or financial hardship.

If you have any suggestions for how we can make our work more inclusive or accessible, please contact us.